Retailer Tips: Targeting Upcoming Shoppers & Gen Z

Every few years the focus shifts on different power buyers: The population of consumer’s spending money and dictating the bottom line.  While baby boomers were once the demographic to watch, that changed a few years back to focus on the millennial buyer. Today that target is moving quickly and retailers are looking at a whole […]

E-Commerce in 2018: 3 Ways to Boost Customer Service

Customer service has always been an important factor for businesses. After all, how you treat your customers is a direct result of your success. Unhappy customers (especially in today’s socially-connected world) can easily spread the word about their experience with a company – good or bad. For this reason, a focus the customer journey and […]

The Only 2018 Retail Predictions You Should Care About

As we enter the New Year, you’re likely to see an abundance of predictions and forecasts on what lies ahead for the market. While these are great indicators of what to keep focus on while planning your budget and spending in 2018, the nature of commerce today makes it hard to say which tips and […]

How to Make Your Product Listings Stand Out

E-commerce is playing a unique role in the market today as more and more consumers turn to online shopping for everything from a gallon of milk to purchasing a car. Getting shoppers the products they need on their screen, at the right time, is critical. For retailers, leveraging new technologies and using screen space intelligently […]

Don’t Forget Social If You Want More Shoppers

In case you’ve been living in seclusion somewhere and didn’t know, social media has taken over literally everything today. From personal relationships to business networking, consuming media and even buying and paying for goods – anything you can think of, can probably be done via a social channel today. For retailers, social media has opened […]

Winter Weather Helps Online Retailers Thrive

For consumers who live in those areas that get seasonal snow fall, there are many days throughout the winter months when road bans and traveling to retail locations becomes impossible. Thanks to digital innovations like the Internet and e-commerce, that doesn’t mean sales have to slow down. In fact, online retailers may even see a […]

2017 Holiday Shopping Trends You Need to Know

As a retailer, keeping tabs on all the newest trends evolving in the market is critical to remaining relevant and winning sales. Whether it’s the latest fashions to stock in your store, or a new payment trend, keeping abreast and adapting to these changes will make the difference between an earnings report with lots of […]

Holiday 2017: Strategies for Retailers

The holiday season has been long underway. Today retailers are starting their promotions earlier and earlier in hopes to capitalize on consumer spending habits. From ornaments and trees lining store aisles as early as August, to fierce competition to slash prices during the height of shopping season, it’s an interesting market to follow. But it’s […]

Are You Making These Inventory Mistakes?

Any company that sells products likely knows how important it is to stock shelves with the right inventory. Once a product sits for too long, it becomes a loss and affects the bottom line. You might be making some mistakes when it comes to your inventory that’s keeping you from gaining the success you’d hoped […]

How to Boost Online Sales and Stock the Right Inventory

The retail industry has become very lucrative today thanks to the innovations of the Internet and payment card technologies. People across the globe are using the Web to comparison shop, purchase and pay for their goods – all from the comfort of their homes or while on the go. For retailers however, this creates a […]