Jane Birkin Asks Hermes to Remove Her Name from Crocodile Bags

Singer and actress Jane Birkin, the inspiration behind the exclusive handbag that bears her name, has asked luxury designer Hermes to remove her name from its iconic crocodile bags after video was released by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals showing abuse of crocodiles at farms where their skins are harvested. The videos were […]

Michael Kors Sues Landlord over Fake Handbags

Designers of luxury fashion and accessories have long struggled to prevent the sale of counterfeit merchandise from small shops and street vendors. Shops near Canal Street in New York City are famous for selling knockoffs of designer goods, such as handbags, watches, and other accessories. Michael Kors is trying a new tactic to put those […]

Micro Handbags Are a Growing Trend

Fashion designers tend to embrace extremes. Years ago, bags were enormous, but things have swung back in the opposite direction. A new trend is the micro handbag that is barely large enough to fit a cell phone, wallet, and lipstick. Some women carry micro bags as accessories to complement other, larger handbags. Handbag designers are […]

Building Block Is an Alternative to the ‘It’ Bag

Sisters Kimberly and Nancy Wu have been cited as part of the anti-“It” bag movement, but they resist labeling their handbags as “minimalist.” They try to produce bags that are wanted, needed, and serve a purpose. They focus on ergonomics and usability, rather than creating bags that will sell well for a limited period of […]

How to Spot a Fake Handbag

People who buy luxury handbags spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars for original designs and quality materials and craftsmanship. However, the internet, street vendors, flea markets, and other places are full of cheaper counterfeits, and many people will take advantage of unsuspecting consumers. Here are some tips on how to tell if the handbag […]

Proenza Schouler Plans to Focus on Handbags

Proenza Schouler recently sold a minority stake to private equity firm Castanea Partners and hired new interim chief executive officer Ronald L. Frasch. Castanea and other Proenza Schouler executives are searching for a permanent CEO. Frasch said the company needs to manage its expenses better. While Proenza Schouler plans to expand in several areas, the […]

Consumers Shy away from Handbags with Luxury Logos

A growing number of high-end shoppers are choosing unique, hard-to-find handbags and accessories, rather than easily recognizable products with logos from major luxury brands. The trend is due to a desire for individuality, rather than conformity, as well as the political debate about income inequality. Many people do not want to be so conspicuous about […]

Mulberry Sales up after Sharp Decline

Luxury handbag maker Mulberry is reporting solid growth, despite a sharp decline in profits recently. It changed its plan to raise prices and instead decided to focus on selling more moderately priced items. Mulberry’s previous strategy of raising prices was a disaster. It caused profits to fall 74 percent for the year to April and […]

Birkin Handbag Sets Auction Record

An Hermes Shiny Fuchsia Porosus Crocodile Diamond Birkin 35 handbag was sold by Christie’s auction house in Hong Kong for a record-setting $222,912. The sale price was about 15 percent more than Christie’s estimate. The handbag was sold by an undisclosed seller to an undisclosed Asian bidder over the phone. The bidding was fast-paced from […]

Handbag Makers Report Slowing Sales Growth

After years of growing sales, the U.S. market has been flooded with handbags in the $200 to $400 price range. The demand for these bags has finally cooled off. Sales of handbags and totes in the United States rose only 1 percent for the 12 months ending in April 2015. Sales totaled $7.9 billion. Michael […]