Where to Order Designer-Inspired Handbags to Sell Online

If you run a website that sells women’s accessories, your customers may vary significantly in terms of income. You therefore need to offer stylish merchandise that is also affordable. Many women love the look of designer handbags but cannot afford them. You can attract and retain customers by offering a variety of designer-inspired handbags on […]

Where to Order Wholesale Clothing and Accessories for Teenagers

If you run a store or website that sells clothing and accessories, you want to appeal to a wide range of customers. Teenagers are always trying to keep up with the latest fashions and frequently buy new items to add to their wardrobes. You can reach that market and increase your sales if you offer […]

Add Designer-Inspired Handbags to Your Company’s Inventory

Designer handbags often cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. For many women, the prices of these handbags make them out of reach. If you operate a business that sells handbags, you want to have items in your inventory that are stylish and that a typical woman who doesn’t make a ton of money can […]

How to Have a Successful Back-to-School Sale

Every year, parents and college students spend billions of dollars on clothing and accessories as students prepare to head back to school. Instead of waiting for big sales at the end of the summer and making one large purchase, many people now look for sales all summer long. You can tap into this market by […]

Nicky Hilton and Linea Pelle Collaborate on Handbag Collection

Fashion designer Nicky Hilton released a book called “365 Style” and has collaborated with handbag and accessories brand Linea Pelle on a fall 2015 handbag collection called Nicky Hilton x Linea Pelle. The collection was debuted at the Coterie NY fashion trade show in New York City and will formally launch in September. Linea Pelle […]

Kate Spade Reports Jump in Sales

Kate Spade Co. is positioning itself as a leader in the luxury handbag market. Sales rose by 30 percent from $192.7 million in the second quarter to $250.4 million in the third quarter and are expected to reach $1 billion by the end of the year. That led shares to rise by 21 percent. The […]

Museum Exhibit Traces History of Italian Fashion

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts has just opened a new exhibit detailing the growth of the Italian fashion industry over the past seven decades. The exhibit, entitled “Italian Style: Fashion Since 1945” explains how Italy came to be a leader in the fashion world from the end of World War II to the present. In […]

Trends in the Luxury Goods Market

While some makers of luxury goods, including handbags, have experienced declining sales due to economic slowdowns in China and Europe, others are growing. Prada saw declining sales in 2013 in important markets, including China and Italy. Unfavorable exchange rates also played a role in the fall in sales, especially in the third quarter of fiscal […]

Michael Kors Experiences Rapid Growth

Luxury fashion label Michael Kors has experienced significant growth over the past year and is cutting into the business of rival fashion designers, including Coach. Michael Kors saw a sharp rise last quarter in comparable-store holiday sales and profit margins. Michael Kors is best known for its line of luxury handbags, but the label has […]

Luxury Sales Among International Travelers Are Growing

The makers of luxury clothing, accessories, cosmetics, and perfumes are expanding their reach internationally by targeting travelers. Many of the industry’s leading companies, such as Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Chanel, and L’Oreal, have opened boutiques in airports and on cruise shops around the world to appeal to tourists, particularly those from Asia, who are […]