Are You Making These Inventory Mistakes?


Any company that sells products likely knows how important it is to stock shelves with the right inventory. Once a product sits for too long, it becomes a loss and affects the bottom line. You might be making some mistakes when it comes to your inventory that’s keeping you from gaining the success you’d hoped for.

Here are some things you could be doing wrong and how to fix them.

Picking the Wrong Products

Product selection should be a very detailed process. Just selecting the same items you’ve always sold, or what you think makes sense, won’t cut it in today’s cut-throat market. You need to use analytics and uncover market trends to select items that are going to get you the sales that make a difference. You should be testing items, scoping out what competitors are doing and taking notes on how to improve.

Getting Lost in the Sea of Competitors

Staying focused on a niche is especially important if you’re a smaller company. You don’t want to offer so many options that you forget the market you’re targeting all together. None of us can compete with a big box retailer to offer such a vast array of options. Instead, find the market you’re going to target and learn what its needs and desires are. Once you uncover this, you can start to stock up on the products most in demand. But remember, to remain competitive you’ve also got to stand out from the crowd. So be unique and find ways to offer something different that will get shoppers through your door.

Foregoing a Marketing Budget

There really isn’t much sense in having a store – online or physical – that’s stocked with great items if no one knows you exist. Foot traffic or referrals could be one way to draw attention but it’s certainly not the only way and it shouldn’t stop there. Dedicate marketing budget to help get you recognized and gain better ROI. Come up with a budget, start small if you must, but don’t completely forego marketing if success is your goal.


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