Wholesale LED Fidget Spinners: Why You Should Carry Them and Where to Get Them

assorted LED fidget spinnersFidget Spinners are so much more than just a toy for kids. These devices exploded onto the scene earlier this year and quickly became a must-have item. The reasons they’ve become so popular include their ability to reduce stress and help with fidgeting issues in kids and adults.

Since their emergence, fidget spinners have gotten quite a few makeovers. The latest craze adds LED lighting to the devices to further enhance the look and function of the devices.

If you own a store or resell items, you should already be carrying these popular items. If not, it’s time to stock up. Here’s why.

More than a Toy

Aside for being a novelty item for kids, fidget spinners really do work for anyone who is stressed or anxious. While spinning the device you start to focus and as a result, calm down. Many are even saying that fidget spinners are great for those who suffer from ADHD or have Autism.

Even if you’re just bored or looking for a fun way to pass some time, fidget spinners serve a purpose for the market at large.

Lasting Popularity

Judging by the fact that fidget spinners continue to be reinvented with new features, it’s easy to see that the devices were not just a passing fad. Some of the new cool features of fidget spinners include the introduction of fidget cubes, a 6-sided toy that has different functions for users to do like click, roll, spin and flickr to keep their hands busy and fidgeting in check.

There are also LED fidget spinners that offer a fun color display as they spin and now, lights that can even be changed using a mobile device and those which can display text messages.

Where to Buy

Don’t wait around to stock your shelves with the latest LED fidget spinners. Parents are already on the hunt and most stores are sold out. Buy fidget toys in bulk for retail sale now so you’re prepared when the holiday frenzy comes around. At Best Handbag Wholesale we have dozens of styles and colors for everyone to enjoy.


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