Should You Sell Fidget Spinners to Kids or Adults?

fidget spinners kids adultsThe fidget spinner craze has been sweeping the country. Children and adults have become fascinated by the spinning objects and enjoy playing with them at school and even at work. You can get in on the action by offering fidget spinners in your store or online.

What Are Fidget Spinners?

Fidget spinners are toys that were originally designed to help children with autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder stay calm and improve their ability to focus. They have recently gained popularity and turned into a fad. Stores all over the United States are selling out as adults seek out the toys for their children and sometimes for themselves.

If you run a business that sells toys and accessories, you should offer fidget spinners if you are not already. With their runaway popularity, you are sure to attract customers who are looking for a way to stay calm and focused when they feel restless and have the urge to fidget.

Why You Should Sell Fidget Spinners for Kids

Fidget spinners are most popular with children. Millions of young people take them to school to use in class and to show off to their friends. If you plan to sell fidget spinners, most of the people who buy them will be seeking them for their children. You should offer a wide variety of colors and designs that will appeal to young kids.

Why Your Business Should Offer Fidget Spinners for Adults

Fidget spinners are also popular with adults. People who have jobs where they are sitting for hours at a time often become restless and fidgety. They may click pens, play with paper clips, or squeeze stress balls to satisfy the urge to fidget. Now that fidget spinners have caught on, many adults are embracing them as a way to relieve stress and help them relax so they can focus on tasks at work for long periods of time.

Where to Order Wholesale Fidget Spinners

You can get in on the fidget spinner craze by selling the toys at your store or on your website. Since they are popular with both children and adults, you should offer fidget spinners for all age groups. Stock up on brightly colored fidget spinners that will appeal to children, as well as designs that will be more popular with adults.

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