Fashion Trends to Be Swayed by Hunger Games

Hunger Games FashionOne of the major topics in this blog is the connection between the western fashion world and celebrities, as each can change at the drop of a hat. Whether it’s the infamous low-cut dress Jennifer Lopez wore all those years ago or the ever-popular faux fur trend, fashion shifts with what is hot at the moment. Right now, the torch of fashion can be expected to shift after this Friday, when the movie adaptation of the extremely popular Hunger Games is released upon the masses. The trilogy – written by Suzanne Collins – has gripped several generations of readers, remaining on the New York Times book lists for months on end.

In the books, a major theme is the fashion of the dystopian world depicted in the future. So far, fans of the books have been positive in criticism of the costume choices in the film and it seems that Hunger Games will influence what is seen in western apparel through 2012 and possibly beyond. According to an article in The Sun Sentinel, the trends in the movie’s clothing are based on dated fashion, but could come back on store shelves, particularly the Americana styled patterns:

“The simple beauty of the clothes in District 12, for example, recalls fashion’s never-ending fascination with vintage work wear, authenticity and Americana, which is seen in “heritage” brands such as RRL and L.L. Bean.”

Hunger Games won’t simply affect the mainstream fashion world though – you may start to see of the higher-end fashion themes jumping off the silver screen onto runways soon. In fact, some of the clothing worn in the movie reflects what is already in fashion’s good graces right now:

“Effie Trinket, the ambassador to the Hunger Games, arrives for the Reaping dressed in a bum-hugging fuchsia dress and a pink wig with a vintage 1930s flower hat stuck on. Her gold booties are from Alexander McQueen, whose work comes to mind when looking at the Capitol dwellers.”

To get a look at the fashion trends sure to be hitting shelves soon, Hunger Games is in theaters starting this Friday.


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