Handbags and Hollywood: News Tidbits

The world of handbags and the glitzy glamour of Hollywood come into contact with each other quite often. Consider the stacks of stories that come out the day after an awards show or movie premiere – half the stories are about the event and the other half are about the fashion! Here are just some tidbits about celebrity fashion out right now:

Iron Fashion –  The Iron Lady has been causing quite the business boom for leather handbag designer Launer London as of late. The Margaret Thatcher biopic starring Meryl Streep features a number of the firm’s boxier-style handbags, which are no stranger in the celebrity world. According to the Express and Star:

Victoria Beckham, The Shopper

“All of the handbags,which have also been sported by Camilla Parker-Bowles and Dame Judi Dench – are made in a workshop in Holtshill Lane, close to Walsall town centre and can cost between £400 and £600.”

Expect these sales to go up even higher after Streep wins the Best Actress Oscar in a few weeks.

Country Content – It can be incredibly difficult to get close to a woman’s purse, much less find out what’s inside the designer handbag. Luckily for those curious, American Idol alum and country singer Kellie Pickler recently opened up her bag for US Weekly and they gladly shared with their readers. Pickler had a pretty big selection of beauty items in her $3,000 Burberry bag – Fresh Face Water, lip gloss, lip balm and some sun-protection products like bronzer.

Spice Style – No matter how many times you ask her, Victoria Beckham is probably never going to agree to do a Spice Girls reunion. She has her own reasons – one of which is her focus on being a fashion designer and overall style icon. David Beckham’s spouse has a new spring collection coming out, but for those who can’t wait, she’s releasing a new version of one of her signature bags – The Shopper. According to The Get, this version is even more useful than the original.


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